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 We are in the basement 2 of the Parque Puebla Mall, in Calzada Ignacio Zaragoza, corredor industrial la Ciénega, Puebla de Zaragoza, Puebla.

Yes, we do.
Annual pass:

  • Visit us every day of the year.
  • Adults and kids: $499.

Kids from one year old and more pay.

 Yes, you can buy them on our website and you have 15 days to use them, you can also buy them in our sale points in Parque Puebla.

The tour is completely free, but it takes an average of 2 hours, it could be less or more according to the time you go through our different pavilions.

For general admission we do not have a guide tour, however we have the assistance of our staff, they can give you the attention you need and answer your questions.

In Michin Aquarium we care about  being completely accessible for people with disabilities, we have wheelchairs  available, most of the tour is on one level, for this reason you will not have any problem.

 Pets are not allowed except for service dogs (guide dogs).

Online purchase

Yes, you can be sure that your purchase and our system are completely safe.

You can access our visitors’ section and see the ticket prices, packages and more.

Once your purchase is done our system will take you to another website with a confirmation number, also you will get a confirmation email.

Keep your confirmation number and change it for your tickets, the one who buys them is the only one to change them in our ticket window, you must show an official ID.

You have 15 natural days from your purchase date, after this time your order number will not be valid.

The tickets can only be used the day you exchange them.

No, the tickets can only be used in the Aquarium where you bought them.

 We do not have cash on delivery or changes.

Once you are done with your online purchase, you can not add or delete any tickets or change the amount of products. In case you need to buy more tickets you can do it again in a new order or you can also buy them in our ticket window.

You can communicate with our client service at (222) 9492340.

If you have any question you can call us at (222) 9492340 an our team will help you briefly.


Yes we do, wheelchairs are available, you can hire the service, it costs $50 for unlimited time, and an Id is required for it.

Yes, only simple strollers are allowed, not double. We encourage our guests to be considerate in small places.

Yes, we have a lockers area with a $13 pesos price.

Yes, the mall Parque Puebla has a parking area.

Yes you can, but using the flash is forbidden.

Yes, you can have incredible social events at the Aquarium with a previous contract with our sales department , you can access more information about the events you can plan here.

  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Simple strolls are allowed, but not doubles.
  •  Backpacks and big bags must stay in the lockers area.
  • Is a not smoking place.
  • Avoid knocking the tanks.
  • Feeding the species is restricted.
  • Is strictly forbidden to enter with guns and knives.
  • Photos are allowed, but without the use of the flash.
  • Avoid running, in this way we can avoid accidents.
  • For your safety, ask our staff what species you can pet and the right way to do it.

Yes we do, in Michin Aquarium our staff is qualified about first aid y and we have the security  procedures to attend an emergency.

No, Michin Aquarium is a free smoke space.